1507 is a Persian POP/Rock band inspired from the headphone jamming sessions held in suite 1507 of a condominium building in North York. 1507 has appeared many times on stages of Persian Pop/Rock music in Toronto since 2014.
Pumped up with original songs and talented musicians like Kambiz Mirzaei, Nima Ahmadieh Rad, Faraz Shafaghi, Kamyar Mirzaei and the guest player Sam Farah, 1507 brings its unique sound to Tirgan Festival 2015.

1507's song catalog:

Yaad (music and lyrics: Kambiz Mirzaei)
Lahzehaa (music and lyrics: Kambiz Mirzaei)
Nerkhe Eshgh (music and lyrics: Kambiz Mirzaei)
Beeyaa Az Raah (music and lyrics: Kambiz Mirzaei)
Leila (music and lyrics: Kambiz Mirzaei)
Khooneh (music and lyrics: Kamyar and Kambiz Mirzaei)
Ye Dooroogh (music Nima Ahmadieh Rad; lyrics: Kambiz Mirzaei)
Salaam (music and lyrics: Kambiz Mirzaei)
Sedaam Bezan (music and lyrics Kambiz Mirzaei)
Gereftaar (music and lyrics: Kambiz Mirzaei)
Toro Nemeekhaam (music and lyrics: Kamyar Mirzaei)
Tekye Daade Be Baar (music: Kamyar Mirzaei; lyrics: Kambiz Mirzaei)
Eshtebaah (music: Nima Ahmadieh Rad and Kambiz Mirzaei; lyrics: Kambiz Mirzaei)

Friday, 21 August 2015 - 10:30pm
1 Hour
Brigantine, Harbourfront Centre

Kambiz Mirzaei is an independent Iranian-Canadian lyricist, songwriter, and producer. He is a...

Born in 1988 in Tehran in a family of artists and musicians, Nima grew up with all kinds of...

Faraz Shafaghi is a self-taught guitarist with a flair for crying blues solos, complex acoustic...


Event Information

Friday, 21 August 2015 - 10:30pm
Brigantine, Harbourfront Centre