Animation Workshop

Kevin Langdale and Ann Marie Fleming will be giving a 3 hr. crash-course animation workshop where participants will be introduced to visual storytelling for the screen,  basic traditional animation principles and techniques including stop motion and drawn animation – as well as getting a sneak peak at some of the animation being created for WINDOW HORSES, an animated feature that takes place at a poetry festival in Shiraz. 
Each participant is asked to bring along an iPad or mobile device downloaded with the Norman  McLaren Workshop, an NFB app available for 99 cents at .  
There are demos of  techniques on here, as well as the entire collection of McLaren’s groundbreaking films.   Also, please download this free stop motion app, iMotion Studio  We encourage people to experiment before coming to the workshop.
Each participant will be creating part of a collaborative film and will be responsible for uploading their section into a Dropbox folder, which edited by our team. There also may be the opportunity for making a stop motion film as a group.  
Taymaz Saba, who is designing sound and music for Window Horses, will score the final pieces, which we will put up on Vimeo.
 Kevin Langdale Langdale is an illustrator and animator and director of “Engine 371” and is a long-time collaborator with director/animator Ann Marie Fleming, whose filmography you can check out at:

Saturday, 22 August 2015 - 12:00pm
3 hours
East Side Tent “I"

Ann Marie Fleming (producer • director • writer) is an award-winning Canadian artist...

Kevin Langdale (lead animator / designer) , animator and illustration wizard is an award-winning...

Composer, conductor, and sound designer Taymaz Saba is inspired by the sounds of the nature and...


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Saturday, 22 August 2015 - 12:00pm
East Side Tent “I"