Exilic Trilogy + Q&A and Panel Discussion

Exilic trilogy is made up of three separate dramatic documentary films, shot by Arsalan Baraheni, the Iranian born Canadian filmmaker in exile. The films are visual, poetic and musical, colliding with social, psychological, political and philosophical manifestations. It’s a trilogy based on facts, documents and subjects that are scripted, staged and dramatized in a genre which stays between reality and illusion, documentary and fiction.  
Following the screening, a panel discussion will be held featuring Soleyman Vaseghi, Gholamhossein Nami and Reza Baraheni

1-The first film is called “Light and Sound”, starring Soleyman Vaseghi who is known as Soley by all the Iranians. He is a well known Iranian musician and singer. He was forced to leave Iran after the 1979 revolution when music got banned by the regime. He came to Canada and struggled as an immigrant, in poverty, becoming a Taxi driver, while continuing his work as an indie musician, changing his musical style and turning to mystical and traditional music, singing the poems of Rumi and Hafez. The film deals with the mystical light within the mind of the musician and the sound of his music.

2-The second film is called “Frame & Wall”, starring Master Gholamhossein Nami, known as one of the most important Iranian painters and visual artists. The film deals with his mind, his colors, his paintings, his frames and his walls. He is also busy portraying his character in the documentary film that we are watching, gathering a group of Iranian artists in exile in order to help them with exhibiting their gallery in Toronto.

3-The third film is called “Alchemy & Dust”, starring Reza Baraheni, known as one of the greatest Iranian poets and novelists. He has written more than 50 books of poetry, fiction and literary criticism. This poetic docudrama is shot by Baraheni's son, who suffered exile with him and who is now an independent filmmaker in Toronto. The film is about the colliding of a poet and a filmmaker, a father and a son, the poetry and the camera. The film deals with themes such as the life and the death of the author in exile.

Saturday, 22 August 2015 - 4:00pm
2 Hours
Studio Theatre , Harbourfront Centre
Persian (English Subtitle)

Born into a well-known intellectual family on March 21, 1982 in Tehran, Iran, Arsalan Baraheni...

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Saturday, 22 August 2015 - 4:00pm
Studio Theatre , Harbourfront Centre