Persian Piano Night

The dynamic collective, Iranian-Canadian Composers of Toronto (known simply as ICOT), delivers a thoughtful, captivating program of new music by Iranian composers residing in Canada. This program is centered around solo piano and Persian Poetry. ICOT has nurtured important young voices in Canada’s new music community since 2011 and found audiences afresh. Tirgan 2015 welcomes an exciting line-up of composers and performers from ICOT.


Program Order:


Title Composer Performer(s)
1-Fantasia in Isfahan Ardeshir Rouhani Maziar Heidari (Piano)
2-Behind the Seas Bence Kutrik Saman Shahi (Piano)
3-Sonatine Maziar Heidari Saman Shahi (Piano)
4-Nocturnal Keyan Emami (Poem by Ahmad Shamloo) Saman Shahi (Piano), Afarin Mansouri (Soprano), Saba Yousefi (Violin), Bahar Tavasoli (Clarinet in Bb)
5-Mingling Leaves Saman Shahi

Pouya Hamidi (Piano)

6-Old Preludes in New Bottles Sean King Saman Shahi (Piano)
7-Journey Inwards (for 6 hands) Pouya Hamidi Pouya Hamidi (Piano), Saman Shahi (Piano), Keyan Emami (Piano)
8-Pinball- an unfishined game Keyan Emami Saman Shahi (Piano), Saba Yousefi (Violin), Bahar Tavasoli (Clarinet in Bb)
9-Yeganeye Javedan Afarin Mansouri (Poem by Akhavan Sales)

Saman Shahi (Piano), Afarin Mansouri (Soprano)

10-Mohabbat (in Homayoun) Ardeshir Rouhani Maziar Heidari (Piano)
Saturday, 22 August 2015 - 8:15pm
60 minutes
Lakeside Terrace

Afarin Mansouri is co-founder and Artistic Director of ICOT. An award winning composer, Afarin...

Keyan Emami is the president, co­founder, and one of the composers of Iranian­Canadian...

Pouya Hamidi is a freelance composer, producer, musician, and sound engineer. Pouya acquired a...

Maziar holds a Masters degree in Conducting from the University of Toronto. He works as an...

Saman Shahi is a professional musician in Toronto. His music has been read and performed by many...


Event Information

Saturday, 22 August 2015 - 8:15pm
Lakeside Terrace