Tabriz Music Ensemble

Tabriz Azerbaijani Music and Dance Ensemble (TAMDE) was founded in Toronto in 2003.  It originally consisted of Dance and Music groups, but recently we have added a Choir group as well.  The Music and Dance groups have in recent years expanded in number, in diversity of instruments and dances, as well as, in repertoire.   We are a 30-person ensemble.
The TAMDE music group will be performing well-known and beloved classical Azerbaijani instrumental pieces, as well as mixing European classical music played on traditional folk instruments.  We will also have several pieces accompanied by a vocalist. 
Polad Kashef
Polad is a professional Pianist as well as accordion and qarmon player.  He started playing accordion in 1981 and by 1991 he started his professional career, working as a permanent member of the orchestra theatre in Tabriz-Azerbaijan. He simultaneously played Qarmon at Tabriz Culture (Ferheng) Orchestra since 1992 and in 1994 started as a permanent Pianist within Tabriz Radio & Television Azerbaijani Ensemble. 
He has performed in Turkey (Ankara, Istanbul) and Republic of Azerbaijan (Baku and Nakhchivan ). He immigrated to Canada in 2013.
Mohammad Aman
Mohammad is from Tabriz – Iran.  He has been a Tar player and teacher since 1984 as well as a Music theory and choir instructor since 1994He was the Founder and music leader of Tabriz Music Ensemble in Toronto since 2002 while being the founder, teacher and conductor of Iran Choir in University of Toronto 2004
Mohammad is a music graduate of National Conservatoire of Azerbaijan specializing in Tar (2012).  He has had over 150 live and recorded performances in Azerbaijan, Iran, Canada, U.S.A, Japan, Turkey and Europe.  And he has also performed in venues and TV programs like "House of Mugham", AZ TV, Space TV, Ictimai TV and ATV in Baku and "CBC Radio Studio" and "Mel Lastman square" in Toronto  and"Vahdat Hall" in Tehran
He is the inventor of mechanical fine-tune pegs (manufactured in Germany by Wittner) for 7 middle-eastern instruments 2012
Mokhtar Noubary
Mokhtar was born in Tabriz, in East Azerbaijan. Mokhtar was raised in a family who loved Azerbaijani music and dance. When he was 5 years old, he started playing Naqara and has been playing for numerous groups and ensembles in Azerbaijan. 
Mokhtar has been involved in Azerbaijani cultural activities and events in Canada since the year 2000 and he is a founding member of TAMDE (Tabriz Azerbaijani Music & Dance Ensemble).  Mokhtar has shared the stage with many renowned artists over his career.  He is one of the only Naqara players in Canada and as such has performed in countless concerts, festivals, celebrations, consular functions, etc.  He is interested in mixing folk and classical instruments, as well as discovering new rhythms from world music.  Mokhtar has a keen ear for rhythm, and is constantly learning and practicing.  He is continuously contributing towards promoting Azerbaijan’s rich culture in Canada, his current home.
Arta Kashef
Arta is a grade 10 high school student and the youngest member of TAMDE’s music group.  He has been playing the piano since 2009 and the Saxophone since 2013.  Arta has also been a member of Aurora High School’s symphonic band as a Saxophone player for 2 years.  Arta has been the music group’s keyboard player for 3 years.
He has volunteered as synthesizer player for refugee day 2014 and 2015 as well as for Azerbaijan Day 2015.   He also had the pleasure of contributing to his high school’s music competition in Washington where they placed  second.
Salar Noubary
Salar was born in Tabriz, Iran.  He started playing music at the age of six on the Darbuka. He began performing in shows and events at the age of nine playing Darbuka, Naqara and Zarb.  Since then he has been engaged in many concerts and large events with singers from around the world as well as travelling and performing as a musician across Canada and the US. He is a multi-talented  artist and plays drums, percussion, the piano and  keyboard and is the IT Manager for TAMDE.
He has been with TAMDE since 2003 as  dancer, musician, stage manager, sound technician, and technical support. Salar is an active member and is currently responsible for photos and website production of TAMDE.
Aygun Mammadova
Aygun is a guest vocalist with TAMDE.  Aygun graduated from the vocalist program in the Baku School of Music in 1991.  She was a part of Efser Javanshirov’s chilren’s choir.  She graduated from the Baku music university in 1996.  After graduation she worked as lead soloist actress in musical theatre. She has been taught by many famous musicians and teachers such as Faig Zohrabov. Shefige Memmedova. Hesen Turabov.  Yashar Nuri. Jahangir Zeynalov.  Aygun is now a beloved Azerbaijani singer in Toronto, where she has had numerous performances.
Sarah Thawer
Sarah is a guest percussionist for TAMDE.  She is also a drummer, vocalist and pianist based in Toronto, Canada. She is a freelance musician, playing with various bands. She is a self- taught drummer and percussionist, and specializes in playing drums, latin percussion: congas, bongos and timbale, North and South Indian percussion: tabla, kanjira, dholak, dhol and others, flamenco cajon and the list goes on. She also plays the piano (she completed grade 9 in the Royal Conservatory of Music program), guitar and violin and dabbles in singing, composing, song-writing and production.  Check out some of her videos at:

Saturday, 22 August 2015 - 4:00pm
1 hour
Stage In Round, Harbourfront Centre

Event Information

Saturday, 22 August 2015 - 4:00pm
Stage In Round, Harbourfront Centre