More than 130,000 people will visit Tirgan over 4 days. As you could imagine, we will experience heavy traffic around the Harbour Front Centre. And parking will be limited and expensive. We can all help by carpooling to Tirgan. But, how can you find other people in your neighbourhood that are attending Tirgan? Here is where BlancRide can help.

What is BlancRide
BlancRide is a mobile app for carpooling that gives you the ability to catch a ride to exactly where you need to go, when you need to get there. Unlike a taxi, BlancRide takes advantage of the available seats that drivers already have in their cars. Those available seats have the potential to build a community built on being green, while making your commute convenient and cost-efficient.

How It Works
As a driver or passenger, simply post where you’re headed and when you plan to leave. BlancRide takes care of everything else. Using an advanced mapping algorithm, BlancRide finds the closest and most convenient match along your way. You will see all available matches and decide whom you would like to ride with. Payment? Not a problem. At the end of your ride, the app transfers the pre-agreed fee from passenger’s credit card to driver’s bank account. No awkwardness, “Can we stop at an ATM?” or “Do you have change for a twenty?” questions.

As a passenger you can:

  • Enjoy door-to-door service at very low fares
  • Leave your car at home and avoid the headaches
  • Pay using the app with your credit card

As a driver, you can:

  • Save money by splitting ride costs
  • Save time by using the HOV lanes
  • Enjoy true carpooling – fully legal and supported by your existing insurance

Free ride coupon for passengers
Download BlancRide use the “TIRGAN2015” referral code to get a free ride