Homeland Photo Contest Winners

Homeland Photo Contest Winners

Organized by CAFÉLITT                                


Fine Art

1st place
Mohammad Sorkhabi


The face of Iranian woman: In search of truth and freedom.


2nd place
Mehrdad Rabie Laleh




3rd place
Ali Mohamadirad


Woman Going Home.


Documentary and Photojournalism

1st place
Amir Behroozi rad


The body of an Iranian combatant who became a martyr during the Iran-Iraq war was identified and returned back home to his family after 27 years.As the sun comes back to life after a dark night of lightlessness and sorrow, their son finally came back home 27 years later, only in half, leaving his soul at the battlefield as if he knew there is always a new war at its dawn when you see the half sun Witnessing these mournful faces through my lens, I thought to myself, who's going to capture the same sorrow in those faces another 27 years from now?


2nd place
Seyed Mohammad Sadegh Hosseini


Traditional bath in the city of Tabriz in Iran.


3rd place
Reza Zirakpour Dehkordi


Women's hard work and effort.